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The tribunal



Monsignor Furio Cesare

Phone: +468-462 66 21

Mobile: +4670-384 30 80

E-mail: official.officialatet@katolskakyrkan.se

E-mail: furio.cesare@katolskakyrkan.se


Judge and Episcopal vicar for Juridical Matters

Monsignor Jorge de Salas

Phone: +468-462 66 04

E-mail: jorge.de.salas@katolskakyrkan.se



Father Simon Petrus Semaan

Mobile: +4676-369 50 09

E-mail: simon.petrus@katolskakyrkan.se


Ecclesiastical Notary

Katarina Miksits

Phone: +468-462 66 22

E-mail: katarina.miksits@katolskakyrkan.se


Ecclesiastical Notary for Arabic speakers and Promotor Justitiae

John Toumas

Phone: +468-462 66 20

E-mail: john.toumas@katolskakyrkan.se


Ecclesiastical Notary for Arabic speakers

Charbel Samoil

Phone: +468-462 66 18

E-mail: charbel.samoil@katolskakyrkan.se


The Tribunal of the Catholic church is the official ecclesiastical court of the church. In every diocese, it is established by the bishop to assist him in carrying out his responsibilities as the shepherd of the local Christian community which has been entrusted to him .

The Tribunal is a court that is regulated by the laws of the Catholic church. By the authority of the local bishop, the court administers justice, vindicates rights and assists in the pastoral care of the people of the Diocese.

A major function of the Tribunal is to investigate the validity or invalidity of marriages.